Roma Portraits


Roma Portrait 01 Children enjoying the last few minutes before sunsetRoma Portrait 02 Life for Roma can be hard enough. But for this elderly woman, the loss of a husband causes extra stress in an already difficult situation.Roma Portrait 03 UkraineRoma Portrait 04Roma Portrait 05Roma Portrait 06Roma Portrait 07Roma Portrait 08 Joy abounds even in the cold of winter - UkrianeRoma Portrait 09 Roma winter - UkraineRoma Portrait 10Roma Portrait 11Roma Portrait 12Roma Portrait 13Roma Portrait 14Roma Portrait 15Roma Portrait 16Roma Portrait 17Roma Portrait 18Roma Portrait 19Roma Portrait 20Roma Portrait 21Roma Portrait 22Roma Portrait 23Roma Portrait 24Roma Portrait 25Roma Portrait 26Roma Portrait 27Roma Portrait 28
Roma “Gypsies” have existed as a people group for centuries, often mistreated and persecuted. Many times the paved road ends at the entrance to a Roma settlement. Life can be harsh due to social, economic and other factors especially during winter months when food is scarce and weather conditions can be the hardest.