Roma Life

Boots and shoes strored n the mud roomA single light bulb illuminates the home of a Roma familyLaundry day in the Roma camp of Beregszász, UkraineMany times the paved road ends at the entrance to a Roma camp or villageSoup is a staple for most Roma familiesWithout paved roads or even gravel, rain water turns even a simple walk through the village a journeyOne of the constants in Roma life is their love of music which starts at an early ageMusic can be heard throughout a Roma camp and even the children are gifted with musical talent Using local grasses, the weaving of baskets becomes an opportunity to earn income A family gathers around the small table for dinnerMany Roma camps or villages are built on the old city dump. Living in these conditions can cause health and safety issues for individuals who rarely  have the opportunity to see a doctor.Rains turn dirt roads into muddy rivers through most Roma villages. Vibrant colors mimic the vibrant personality found inside many Roma homesLife exists in many forms even in a Roma campEvening falls on family members as they gather for a church serviceSalvaging items for recycling is the only option for some Roma to earn incomeScavenging for metal to recycle, a young boy picks his way through the dump to earn income for his familyRoma families stay together for generations, everyone helping to raise the next generationThroughout history Roma have been mistreated by many. Gaining trust in this culture can many times take years.Everyday chores like hanging laundry to dry don't stop, even in the middle of winter

Hungarian Baptist Aid is working with Roma “Gypsies” in Eastern Europe. Through a variety of projects the goal is to improve the lives of these vibrant people.