Well Drilling

Wells 01 Women walk several kilometers to gather water each day from a local streamWells 02 Water from the local source is usually unclean and prone to diseaseWells 03 It's hard to imagine this gentleman was 70 years old before he ever tasted a cup of clean water.Wells 04 A water supply line of women carries makes several trips a day to supply the village with enough water for daily life.Wells 05 Life saving clean water pours from newly drilled wells because of the work of NC Baptist on MissionWells 06 A new well in the center of a village outside Bihar, IndiaWells 07 Clean water sparklesWells 08 The entire village gathers for a dedication of this new well near Bihar, India.Wells 09 A new clean water well means women don't have to walk several kilometers to gather waterWells 10 Life saving water flows from a new well in Bihar, IndiaWells 11 Dedication of a new well in a village near Bihar, IndiaWells 12 Drinking clean water saves lives and transforms communitiesWells 13 Water available in most villages is typically unclean and carries diseaseWells 14 Clean water - Bihar, IndiaWells 15 Tasting clean water for the first time

The drilling of a well can transform an entire village. In Bihar, India the majority of diseases are water born diseases. If children aren’t healthy they can’t do well in school. If adults aren’t healthy they can’t work. Clean water¬†can have an immediate impact providing a better future and saving lives.