Literacy Training


Literacy 01 Literacy 02 Reciting the lesson is part of every day's classLiteracy 03 Teaching hands assist learning fingers. Chalk and slate are vital to learning the alphabet throughout IndiaLiteracy 04 Literacy training begins at a young age even in rural IndiaLiteracy 05 Teaching the youngest requires getting on their levelLiteracy 06 Literacy training, Bihar, IndiaLiteracy 07 Children displaying their lesson for the dayLiteracy 08 An expression of happiness after reciting the daily lessonLiteracy 09 Grading timeLiteracy 10 In an effort to give children a start at the educational process Transformation India conducts several literacy classes in Bihar, India_MG_5838b-c69.jpgLiteracy 12  -  Little fingers begin the process of learning the alphabet

A piece of slate and chalk are still the staple for education in most villages throughout India.