Haiti 01 Clinic at a tent village near Puerto Prince, HaitiHaiti 02 Clinic at an orphanage near Peurto Prince, HaitiHaiti 03 Medicine being delivered to the clinic each morningHaiti 04 Tent city near Puerto Prince, HaitiHaiti 05 Construction of temporary housing after the 2010 earthquakeHaiti 06 Volunteers from NC framing a temporary structure that will provide protection from heavy rains that will arrive soonHaiti 07 Little helping handsHaiti 08 Children preparing to move out of their damaged home into a temporary dwellingHaiti 09 First day in their temporary home. Haiti 10 Volunteers are building homes and schools in some of the more remote areas of the country. The project also involves the construction of a chicken house as they begin efforts to become self supportive.Haiti 11 Walls going up on a new school in rural HaitiHaiti 12 Block moving dayHaiti 13 Block moving dayHaiti 14 First wall going up on the new schoolHaiti 15 Measure twice, cut onceHaiti 16 Corrugated sheets comprise the roof for the chicken coop that will help support the new schoolHaiti 17 Local craftsman are employed to help the volunteers from NC construct new homes for families left homeless after the earthquake

Two day after an earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, volunteers working with NC Baptist on Mission were on the ground providing medical care. Other teams built temporary housing for families who had moved into makeshift tents. Those efforts turned into construction of permanent dwellings along with schools in rural areas.