Winter can be extremely harsh for Roma families.Survivors of the 2004 tsunami that struck Sri Lanka.Teacher at a sewing project in Bihar, India.Roma children in Ukraine.Kenyan Mother and child.First born, Bihar, India.Preparing dinner in a small village outside Kisumu, Kenya.Watching the doctors that have come to work in a small Roma village, Ukraine._MG_5991.jpgSchool children returning home in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.Fishing hole, Cuba.School girls in a village outside Kisumu, Kenya.This little girl will be attending school because her mother started a business after the gift of a sewing machine.Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.Laundry day in a small Ukrainian Roma village.A time of worship, Bihar, India.Waiting to see the doctor at a medical clinic outside Bihar, India.Roma portrait.Children waiting to see the doctor in a Roma village, UkraineVolunteers are building a new house for this young widow outside Kisumu, Kenya through the Houses of Hope project.Roma children.Music plays a large role in everyday Roma life. Munkacs, Uraine.Laundry day, Yerevan, Armenia.First day in the new temporary house after the 2010 earthquake that struck Haiti.

A collection of portraits from around the world.