Boats and Water

Fog on the reservoir, Durham, NC.Harbor in NewfoundlandCoastal grasses, Southport, North Carolina.Old recreational boat, Lake Valence, Hungary.Fishing boats soon after the 2004 tsunami struck Sri Lanka.Sunset over the lagoon, Fort Caswell, North Carolina.Reflections of a hull, Newfoundland.Long boats on a river in Borneo.Sunrise over Lake Valence, Hungary.Coastal grasses blowing in the breeze, Southport, North Carolina.Boats tied up at Lake Valence, Hungary.Old wooden traps in a fishing village, Newfoundland.Early morning fog on the reservoir, Durham, NCEarly morning on Lake Valence, HungaryStudy of the blue boat at Lake Valence, Hungary.An old row boat in the reservoir, Durham, North Carolina.Detail of water grasses on Lake Valence, HungaryGolden sunrise over Lake Valence, Hungary.Traps in a small fishing village, Newfoundland.Study of paint pealing from the hull of the blue boat on Lake Valence, Hungary.

Photographs from various countries including Hungary, Sri Lanka, Newfoundland, and the United States.