As a photographer and documentary film maker with a non-profit organization in North Carolina, I’ve covered stories in over 50 countries from clean water wells transforming villages in India to volunteers providing medical care for Roma (Gypsies) of Eastern Europe. With each assignment the goal is always the same; to tell these stories with honesty and dignity, to provide photography that makes a difference – See The Unobserved.

Hungarian photographer Péter Korniss, wrote “I wanted people to accept me. Just being there was not enough for them to regard my presence and my snapping the shutter as something natural. They had to feel that I was interested in their fate – after all, that is why I was taking their pictures – and they also had to feel how carefully I was going about it. I had to make sure that the threads of sympathy would create an invisible bind between us.”

It is those threads that bind me to so many people and projects  I’ve encountered – See The Unobserved

An ongoing self study has been finding images people walk past everyday in my home town of Durham, NC. Our city is going through a revitalization process from an old tobacco town to a thriving community in the Research Triangle that still treasures its historical past – See The Unobserved

It’s a pleasure to be affiliated with Through This Lens and Craven Allen Gallery in Durham, NC in addition to the Carriage Factory Gallery in Kansas. Along with being recognized by numerous organizations for photography it was an honor having an image chosen for the Communication Arts 50th Anniversary Photography Annual.

K Brown – See the Unobserved

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